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7th Grade Sci.
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     I was originally born in the Chicago suburbs, I have lived in quite a few places since then;  Chicago, Michigan, back to Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Back to Chicago, Pennsylvania, and now phew... in good old Phoenix, which has been my home for the last 21 years.

     I received my Bachelors of Arts with a major in Film/Video production, with an emphasis in animation special effects.  In my earlier life... I  was an animation cameraman/ optical printer, animation director, inker, painter and film editor. (The company I worked for won an Academy Award for Technological Achievement in Film) I worked on feature films, TV promos for Disney, commercials, documentary films and children's videos such as Gymboree and Videosmarts.   I won a Copperwing Award at the Phoenix Film Festival in 2005 for "Best Educational Film" and my students got to meet Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick. (I am now 1 degree from Kevin Bacon.

     After enjoying working on children's educational videos, I decided to get into education where I received my Masters in Elementary Education from ASU.  I also have my middle school endorsement, and completed the Doctoral Ed.D. program at Arizona State University studying Education in Leadership and Innovation . My dissertation was on the effects of didactic movie making on students 21st century learning skills and science content in the middle school classroom.

I also teach at Arizona State University in the evenings for pre-service students that are becoming teachers on how to integrate technology into the classroom.

I am 1 of 20 teachers on the Arizona Teacher Solutions Team with the AZK12 center and Center for Teaching Quality.  As a member of this Teacher Leader Team, we are trying to further educational leadership in Arizona.  Here is a what we have accomplished so far.

Teaching 2030
Journey to  2030

     My wife and I have two children. One s a sophomore at Xavier College Preparatory and my older daughter is a Freshman at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania.   We have a dog, 1 cockatiel bird, a tortoise, 2 beta fishes and a veggie garden. My current life as a teacher is fulfilling! and Wonderful! I enjoy teaching and seeing the students excel in curriculum and technology.


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